Sec. 4-12. Closing hours.

No permittee hereunder shall serve or sell any alcoholic beverages between the hours of 10:30 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. every day.

(Code 1999, § 10-2012)

City and local ordinances may limit the actions of an alcoholic beverage server/seller or may provide additional rules that govern this type of transaction.  Please check with your local authorities or government bodies to ensure that you are following the local laws and are in compliance with any requirements that they have set forth.  Generally, local laws and ordinances are in line with the state’s rules but may further restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages to certain days and/or hours. They may also limit the location and other variables such as seller’s age, package contents, etc. Also remember that their laws are not limited to the sale of alcoholic beverage products.  Tobacco products, including CBD, may also be covered in the local ordinances.  The list of local ordinances provided by ABSEC is based upon the ordinances published by the individual parishes, cities and towns, and may not be current.  It is recommended that you verify the accuracy of the information presented on this website prior to the sale of any alcohol or tobacco/CBD product.

If you have any questions about an issue or situation, please do not hesitate to reach out to your local authority and/or the Louisiana ATC for further clarification.

ABSEC LLC is also available should you have any additional questions or simply wish to get some guidance on a particular scenario or situation.  We have assembled a team of subject matter experts in this area and have experience in a large majority of the situations in which you may have questions.  Please use our contact us page to submit a message.  A response can be expected within one business day.

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