Responsible Vendor - Online Server Course
Price: $25.00
Responsible Vendor - Online Security Course
Price: $50.00
Responsible Vendor - Online Course Bundle
Price: $70.00

Louisiana ATC Certification


Online certification courses are now available for both the server (bar card) and security programs.  Get your ATC Server or Security certification card today!

Enroll now and complete your training for immediate certification.


 ABSEC LLC is proud to offer online certification for servers and security professionals in the alcohol beverage outlet industries.

 Louisiana Security Personnel Training and Certification (Required)

Enroll now to complete the course and, upon successful completion, receive your certification through the Louisiana Responsible Vendor program.  This certification is required for all alcohol beverage outlet security personnel, as defined by Louisiana law and enforced by the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control.(

This certification must be current and is valid for four years.

ABSEC also offers this required training and certification in formal classes throughout the State of Louisiana.

Click on the “Available Classes” icon to see a schedule and register for upcoming  in person classes.



When you are hired as a security staff member to an A.B.O. you assume liability and responsibility for the security of the patrons, staff and assets of the company. Many of the people hired for this purpose are selected solely because of their size and /or intimidation factor.  When one thinks of the term “bouncer”, they immediately imagine a broad shouldered, overbearing behemoth of a man whose imposing stature quickly solves all conflicts.

In reality, the job requires discretion, tact, and exceptional communication skills. Many of these individuals are very professional and conduct themselves properly under any and all circumstances.

Some, however, do not. Because of lack of training, they place their establishment in a precarious liability situation. In today’s overly litigious society this is an unacceptable risk for the A.B.O. owner.

For the first time, a training course has been designed to provide professional training for the people who choose this profession. This is usually an entry-level position that may lead to future management or ownership of a bar, nightclub or  A.B.O. because it encompasses so many aspects of efficiently running the business.

Long overdue, this course provides essential conflict management skills necessary to diffuse potentially dangerous or violent situations that sometimes occur in the bar and nightclub business.  Employees will learn a practical disturbance response continuum which guides their response to such situations. This course can greatly enhance staff credibility, while reducing civil and criminal liability.

ABSEC has assembled a team of expert instructors in the security industry and is home to the inventor and developer of the ABO security program that is in use today.  Please see the “About Us” page for biographies.

(Some refer to this training as the required Louisiana bouncer certification course.  We refer to it as the “ABSEC” training and certification course)


For second level certification and additional training services, please contact us using our contact page.

Let us be your one stop shop for training and certification with Responsible Vendor certification.  Contact us today to schedule your class!

Our online classes are compatible with iPadENROLL 




ABSECC LLC is a Louisiana owned and operated company

ABSEC – Alcoholic Beverage & Security Education Company


For additional information regarding this and other programs relating to serving alcohol in Louisiana, and to find additional authorized training providers, please contact the ATC by mail, Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control 8585 Archives Avenue, Suite 220 Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809 (225) 925-4041 or through their website at

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