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Louisiana ATC Certification

What is the ATC Certification program? The Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) Certification program is a certification program for individuals and businesses in the alcohol and tobacco industries in Louisiana. The program is designed to ensure that...

How to get a Fake Driver’s License

You may need a fake ID for many reasons, such as going to a bar, buying cigarettes, or even applying for a job. But how do you get a fake ID? And what kind of ID should you use? (Disclaimer: This article is for information only and not a recommendation or endorsement...

How to Spot Fake IDs

How to Spot Fake IDs

Fake IDs are commonly used to allow the bearer to gain entry where they would normally not be permitted.  Bars, nightclubs and other establishments that require a person to be of a certain age are prime targets.  Generally, the person will be attempting to gain entry...

How to Get a Bar Card in Louisiana

How to Get a Bar Card in Louisiana

How to get a bar card in Louisiana   The State of Louisiana ATC requires that anyone serving alcoholic beverages or tobacco products in Louisiana completes a Louisiana Responsible Vendor certification training course within 45 days of being hired. You can...

Responsible Vendor Program in Louisiana

Responsible Vendor Program in Louisiana

Responsible Vendor ProgramThe Responsible Vendor program in Louisiana was started in 1997 and has been a very successful effort in terms of increasing the safety of serving alcohol and tobacco products in Louisiana. The program requires that any person serving alcohol...

Bar Card Practice Test

Test your knowledge about the Louisiana Responsible Vendor certification using one of the tests below:  Test your knowledge of the Louisiana Responsible Vendor Bar Card test content.   Get your Louisiana Responsible Vendor Car Card in about two hours.


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