Training is our primary purpose and is what we do best.  We believe that if people are properly trained, understand the reasons behind the rules and believe in what they are doing, they will be much more efficient in their jobs.  We believe that a well trained employee is better equipped to identify security and safety issues earlier and thus prevent or reduce liability to their organization, and injury to themselves or others.  Training is offered in many fields, including nightclub security, event security, personal protection, asset protection, incident management and more.  We also offer training in mixed martial arts, self defense, combat sports and more!

We offer certification training for the Louisiana Alcohol Beverage Outlet Security course, as well as the Responsible Vendor program.


Security Analysis

We are able to conduct a top to bottom analysis of your security and operations to determine where gaps exist.  We will recommend a path to address each item we outline in our detailed summary.  Our team includes seasoned police veterans, trial lawyers, bar and nightclub operators and security professionals that provide expert insight and input to help you understand and address security gaps and risk areas.  Call today for a free quote.


Disturbance Policy Creation,  Management and Liability Defense

One of the first requests at a civil trial involving nightclub or bar staff is usually for the defense to produce the policy that governs the actions and responses of the company to disturbances.  This “living” document should be created, maintained and periodically reviewed by the responsible owner/operator.  The contents provide a clear, consistent course of action when disturbances arise and largely reduce liability by reducing interpretation and removing mental mistakes from the scenario.  Let our experts craft a tailored disturbance policy for your organization and reap the benefits immediately.


Security Penetration Testing and Health Check

ABSEC LLC employs security professionals versed in penetration testing, an approach that actually tests the security of an organization or location.  Our professionals will covertly enter your establishment and then methodically test security levels to determine gaps and exposures.  Vendor uniforms, social skills, creative stories and more will be used to put your security to the test to give you an accurate, objective report of where you really stand.  Contact us today for more information.

Louisiana Online Certification

ABSEC is proud to offer 24/7 online certification for both the server and security certifications.


For more information regarding required certifications, please refer to the Louisiana ATC at https://atc.louisiana.gov