Drunk at bar

“Managing Intoxicated Patrons: A Comprehensive Guide for Bar & Restaurant Staff – ABSEC LLC”

I. Introduction

As a bar, nightclub, or restaurant owner or staff member, dealing with intoxicated patrons is an unfortunate but inevitable part of the job.
This guide covers the steps to take when dealing with intoxicated patrons, legal liabilities for bouncers and security staff, and management.

II. Recognizing Intoxication

Common indicators of excessive alcohol consumption:
Slurred speech
Unsteady gait
Aggressive behavior
Be alert and aware of these signs to take appropriate action.

III. Taking Action

Offer the patron water and suggest they take a break from drinking.
If the patron becomes combative or disruptive, remove them from the premises.
Call for backup from security staff or police if necessary.

IV. Remain Calm

Do not engage in arguments or physical altercations.
Remain calm and professional to prevent escalation of the situation.

V. Protect Yourself and Others

If the patron becomes dangerous or violent, take steps to protect yourself and other customers.
Move the patron to a safe area, remove them from the premises, or call for help.

VI. Legal Liabilities

Bouncers and security staff, as well as management, can be held liable if an intoxicated patron is injured on the premises.
Following all local laws and regulations regarding serving alcohol and proper training for bouncers and security staff is crucial to minimize legal liabilities.

VII. Real-Life Example

A bouncer removed an intoxicated patron from a nightclub and caused injury in the process.
The patron sued the nightclub and the bouncer for excessive force and negligence.
The court found the bouncer liable for the patron’s injuries, highlighting the importance of proper training for bouncers and security staff.

VIII. Conclusion

Handle intoxicated patrons with care to ensure the safety of everyone involved.
Follow these guidelines to minimize the risk of incidents and ensure the safety of patrons, staff, and establishment:
Recognize the signs of intoxication
Take appropriate action
Remain calm
Protect yourself and others
Follow local laws and regulations
Ensure proper training for bouncers and security staff.


Dealing with intoxicated patrons can be a challenging and stressful situation, but it is important to handle it with care to ensure the safety of everyone involved. By recognizing the signs of intoxication, taking appropriate action, remaining calm, and protecting yourself and others, you can help prevent incidents and maintain a responsible and professional environment for your customers. It is also important to be aware of the legal liabilities involved and to ensure that bouncers and security staff are properly trained to handle difficult situations. By following these guidelines, you can help minimize the risk of incidents and ensure the safety of your patrons, staff, and establishment.