What is the ATC Certification program?

The Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control (ATC) Certification program is a certification program for individuals and businesses in the alcohol and tobacco industries in Louisiana. The program is designed to ensure that individuals and businesses comply with state laws and regulations related to the sale, distribution, and service of alcohol and tobacco products.

What are the requirements to get certified?

The requirements for certification vary depending on the type of certification being sought. For example, the requirements for an alcohol server certification may differ from the requirements for a tobacco retailer certification. Some common requirements include passing an exam, completing a training course, and providing proof of age and identity.

Who needs to be certified?

Individuals and businesses that sell, distribute, or serve alcohol or tobacco products in Louisiana are typically required to be certified by the Louisiana ATC. This may include servers and bartenders, liquor store owners, tobacco retailers, and manufacturers.

How long is the certification good for?

The length of time a certification is valid varies depending on the type of certification. Some certifications, such as those for alcohol servers, may be valid for several years, while others may need to be renewed more frequently. The Louisiana ATC provides information on the specific duration of each type of certification on its website.

Does the ATC offer online certification?

Yes, the Louisiana ATC does offer online certification for some types of certifications, including alcohol server and tobacco retailer certifications. Online certifications are typically completed through a course and exam, and the certification is granted upon successful completion.

What are the penalties for not being certified to serve alcohol?

In Louisiana, individuals and businesses that sell, distribute, or serve alcohol without proper certification may face penalties, including fines and legal consequences. The specific penalties for not being certified to serve alcohol depend on the nature and severity of the violation, but they may include fines, license suspensions or revocations, and criminal charges.

Is certification required for tobacco and lottery sales?

Yes, certification is required for individuals and businesses that sell tobacco products in Louisiana. The certification process involves completing a training program and passing an exam. Additionally, individuals who sell lottery products in Louisiana must also be certified by the Louisiana Lottery Corporation.

It is important to note that failure to comply with the certification requirements for alcohol, tobacco, or lottery sales in Louisiana may result in penalties, so it is essential to ensure that all individuals and businesses involved in these industries are properly certified.