Renew Louisiana Bar Card and Responsible Vendor Certification

Those employees in the bar, restaurant, nightclub, casino, hotel or other industries that serve or sell alcohol and alcoholic beverages are required by the State of Louisiana to remain certified by the Responsible Vendor program.  The certifications last four years and are monitored by the Alcohol Tobacco Control agency of Louisiana.  Agents regularly visit establishments to insure compliance.  Those without required server cards or security cards are given summonses to appear in court to answer to their violations.

At ABSEC, we provide multiple methods of training and certification, including private courses, individual training, online training and customized training courses for all of your needs.

Attention to users’ needs and organizational policies place us ahead of our competitors.  We have assembled a team of experts in this field who are more than able to provide the top level of instruction and consulting in this arena.

For those able to take our online course, we offer immediate certification as required by Louisiana State law.  The server card is issued by the State of Louisiana, but a temporary certificate is issued upon completion of the course and test, giving our students immediate access to written record of attendance and completion.

The alcohol server’s certificate is good for four years, but must be renewed in the manner it was received.  (Full recertification by taking the course and passing the test)

ABSEC LLC — Authorized Provider by the Louisiana ATC

Responsible Vendor

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