How to get a bar card in Louisiana

The Louisiana ATC requires that anyone serving alcohol or tobacco products in Louisiana successfully completes a certification training course within 90 days.  It boils down to three basic steps:

  1.  Register for an authorized provider training course for the Responsible Vendor program.  The course can be in person or it can be completed online.  A list of providers can be found here
  2. Complete the course and pass the twenty question quiz.  You will receive a temporary certificate that will serve as your permit until your permanent permit is available online.
  3. Download and retain your permit from the Louisiana ATC Website.  A guide to doing this can be found here


Parish Ordinances

Each locality may be governed by additional rules and regulations.  A list of these laws and ordinances can be found here

Each town, city and parish may have rules that further define the requirements for selling and serving alcohol and tobacco products in Louisiana.  It is your responsibility to make sure that you are in compliance with these laws.  The Louisiana Bar Card is required for ALL areas and is overseen by the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control


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