Frequently Asked Questions

Responsible Vendor ABSEC Certification and Training
I need a Responsible Vendor Server Permit, how do I purchase the online course and take the exam?
  • Purchase the online course.
  • Take the online course.
  • Take the online exam.  You will not be able to take the online exam until you complete the online course.)

You will receive a  Certificate of Completion upon passing the  Online Exam. This Certificate of Completion will serve as proof of training until your Server Permit is issued and made available online by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.

You can retrieve, print and save your Responsible Vendor Card by following the directions HERE.

You may retrieve your permit online at  ATC.LA.GOV

The Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control will no longer mail RV cards to the Attendees or to Providers.  When an attendee passes a Responsible Vendor Course, they will be able to access their RV cards on their Smartphones or Tablets (14-21 business days after the Course was taken).  For Attendees who would like a physical copy, they can also print their RV cards (14-21 business days after the course was taken) on the ATC website.

For full details please visit ATC.LA.GOV


You may visit ATC’s headquarters (located at 7979 Independence Blvd. Suite 101, Baton Rouge, LA 70806).  Bring your driver’s license (or other form of legal identification).  You may receive your permit the same day.

How long is my server or security permit good for?

Responsible Vendor Server and Security permits expire every four years on the last day of the month in which you took the class.

Why should someone use the ABSEC Online Program?

The ABSEC online program incorporates Louisiana specific laws and regulations as required in all mandatory responsible vendor training programs in the state of Louisiana. By providing this state specific training, students receive the Louisiana Responsible Vendor Server Permit upon course and exam completion.

Do all of my employees who sell or serve alcohol need to be trained now?

Any person who sells or serves beverage alcohol or deals with customers who purchase or consume beverage alcohol must attend an approved server training class and receive a Server Permit issued by the Louisiana Office of Alcohol & Tobacco Control.

Servers must obtain a permit within 45 days from date of hire.

I took the alcohol server class but did not pass the examination, what do I do now?

Simple.  You may retake the course and attempt the final examination at no charge.

I was trained in responsible alcohol service in another state, is that training valid in Louisiana?

No, you must receive training specific to the state of Louisiana by attending an approved Responsible Vendor training program.

Who must attend class and obtain a Responsible Vendor Server Permit?

Any employee of a vendor who is authorized to sell or serve beverage alcohol in the normal course of his or her employment or deals with customers who purchase or consume beverage alcohol must successfully attend and pass a Responsible Vendor training course and obtain a Responsible Vendor Server Permit.

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