About Us

ABSEC LLC was formed to address the gap in ABO Security personnel training in Louisiana.  The ideas and
principles have caught on quickly and several businesses have taken advantage of this training prior to it
becoming mandatory.  ABSEC’s goal is to help foster a safer work environment for all ABO personnel, and a
more enjoyable experience for the many patrons of Louisiana’s restaurant and bar and hospitality industries.


The very nature of having people drinking alcohol on premises can be tricky, at best.  Simple misunderstandings can turn into violent altercations and minor disturbances and quickly get out of hand.  By being prepared ahead of time, with a comprehensive disturbance response policy and proper training, these incidents can be significantly reduced and addressed without undue injury and liability.

ABSEC authored and developed the original program that was adopted as Louisiana law in 2012.  This program was aimed at providing guidance and education in the many faceted area of alcoholic beverage outlet security.  The applicable laws regarding responding to a disturbance and/or dealing with highly intoxicated individuals are addressed and discussed in the course, to give the student an understanding of what they can and cannot, should or should not do when employed in this capacity.  

Communication skills are highly emphasized as being the primary characteristic of a good security staff member.  The ability to communicate at all socioeconomic levels is extremely important.  Physical traits are secondary as, usually, no physical force is needed to resolve a disturbance.

The many roles and responsibilities that are put upon a security staff member can be daunting.  From monitoring business operations, premises safety and security, to responding to disturbances involving difficult and intoxicated individuals.  The security staff member must be proficient in many aspects of the profession.

The primary goal of any security staff member is the safety of the patrons and staff.  We have developed a program that directly addresses these responsibilities and outlines the fundamental elements of dealing with a physically violent situation.  Specific occurrences are discussed in the program as to the possible involvement of illicit drugs, weapons, medical emergencies and positional asphyxia situations. 

Incident reporting is another facet of this assignment and staff members should be proficient in promptly and properly recording the facts in the event that a crime or physical incident is witnessed.  The key points in reporting incidents are outlined, with an emphasis on documenting facts so as to be able to accurately represent any incident or encounter at a later date.