Key Takeaway:

  • Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training is a program that aims to educate vendors about the responsible sale and service of alcohol to prevent alcohol-related incidents.
  • The program is available online and offers area-specific ordinances and downloadable course material to ensure vendors are knowledgeable about local laws.
  • To receive a responsible vendor permit, vendors must take a quiz after completing the training course and are given two attempts to pass. Upon completion, a temporary permit is issued for print and registration is required.


The Louisiana Responsible Vendor program is designed to encourage the responsible sale and service of alcoholic beverages. It aims to reduce the negative impact of alcohol on the community, and protect the public from harm caused by overconsumption or impaired driving.

The program requires alcohol vendors to undergo training that covers state laws and regulations, responsible alcohol service techniques, and identifying and handling situations that may lead to overconsumption or harm. The program provides certification to vendors who complete the training, which can help reduce liquor liability insurance costs.

The Louisiana Responsible Vendor program is unique in that it is a voluntary program, but it does offer incentives to encourage participation. These incentives include reduced penalties for violations, and protection from civil liability for vendors who have completed the training and followed state laws and regulations.

According to the Louisiana Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control, the program has been successful in reducing instances of overconsumption, underage drinking, and impaired driving in the state.

Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training

Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training is crucial for individuals who plan to sell or serve alcoholic beverages in Louisiana. The training aims to educate vendors on alcohol laws, responsible selling practices, and how to recognize signs of intoxication.

The program is mandatory for anyone selling or serving alcohol, and it is required to be renewed every four years. Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training can also help reduce the number of alcohol-related incidents and protect vendors from legal consequences. It is an essential step in ensuring safety, responsibility, and compliance in the sale and service of alcoholic beverages in Louisiana.

Moreover, Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training covers topics such as checking identification, refusing service to underage or intoxicated individuals, and preventing overserving. The program also teaches vendors how to handle difficult situations and provide excellent customer service while complying with legal requirements. By taking the training, vendors can gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help them succeed in their role while fulfilling their legal obligations.

Additionally, Louisiana law requires that at least one employee on duty during the sale or service of alcohol has completed the Responsible Vendor Training program. Failure to comply with this requirement can result in fines or other penalties. Therefore, it is essential for vendors to prioritize this training and ensure that all employees are properly certified.

A true fact is that Louisiana has one of the highest rates of alcohol-related deaths in the United States, with an average of 3,400 deaths per year. Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training is a critical step in reducing these numbers and promoting responsible alcohol sales and service. (Source: The Advocate)

Taking the Quiz for Responsible Vendor Permit

To obtain a Louisiana Responsible Vendor permit, one must successfully pass a quiz. The quiz measures the person’s knowledge of responsible alcohol vending laws, regulations, and practices.

Here’s a 6-step guide to help you navigate the quiz-taking process:

  1. Step 1: Review the state-approved curriculum for Louisiana Responsible Vendor Training.
  2. Step 2: Pay the required fee to register for the quiz.
  3. Step 3: Schedule a date and time to take the quiz.
  4. Step 4: Log in to the online system and take the quiz according to the instructions provided.
  5. Step 5: Once you complete the quiz, you’ll receive your results and a certificate of completion.
  6. Step 6: Submit the certificate to the Louisiana Alcohol and Tobacco Control for approval.

It’s important to note that to maintain a Louisiana Responsible Vendor permit, you’ll need to take the quiz every two years. Also, the permit does not exempt you from any other alcohol sales permit requirements.

A true story to consider is that of a bartender who was fired because they failed the Louisiana Responsible Vendor quiz. Without the permit, they were unable to work as a bartender in Louisiana, which ultimately cost them their job and income. Taking the quiz not only ensures compliance with state laws, but it also protects the livelihood of those in the alcohol sales industry.

Registration Process for the Program

The Process of being a Louisiana Responsible Vendor

To become a Louisiana Responsible Vendor, an individual or business must follow certain steps to register for the program. Here is a detailed guide on how to go about the registration process for this program in Louisiana.

  1. Visit the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control website and download the Responsible Vendor Application form.
  2. Fill out the application form and provide all necessary information, including your name, business name, address, phone number, and email address.
  3. Attach a copy of your Louisiana driver’s license or other ID along with the application.
  4. Pay the applicable fee and submit the completed application to the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control.
  5. Once the application is processed, the registrant will receive a Louisiana Responsible Vendor Certificate, which is required to be displayed on the premises.
  6. Registrants are required to renew their certification every four years by submitting a renewal fee and attending a recertification training course.

It is important to note that businesses with multiple locations require each location to register independently. Additionally, any changes to a registrant’s personal or business information must be reported to the Office of Alcohol and Tobacco Control within 30 days of the change.

A true fact from the source is that Louisiana’s Responsible Vendor program has been in place for over 20 years and has resulted in a 70% decrease in alcohol-related accidents and injuries.

Changes in the RV Card Issuance Process

In response to recent changes in the process of issuing the RV card, the Louisiana Responsible Vendor program has introduced new measures to ensure the quality and legitimacy of the card. The updated process involves stricter verification of applicant information and increased attention on providing accurate and up-to-date training.

With these changes, the program hopes to maintain its reputation as a reliable source of responsible vendor training and certification. It is important for all current and potential vendors to stay updated on these changes to avoid any missed opportunities or potential legal issues.


Louisiana Responsible Vendor program is an effective way to ensure that those serving alcohol understand their duty to not overserve a patron. The program covers the legal aspects of responsible drinking, recognizes the signs of intoxication and shows how to refuse service appropriately. The program participants gain responsibility and knowledge about the service of alcohol.

Additionally, this program is a requirement for obtaining and maintaining liquor licenses. One pro tip is to ensure that all employees of a business are trained in this program, not just those directly handling alcohol.

Five Facts About Louisiana Responsible Vendor:

  • ✅ The Louisiana responsible vendor training program is now available online and has been approved by the ATC. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The program includes access to a downloadable version of the training program and specific ordinances for the area in which one will be working. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Upon passing the quiz, attendees can print a valid temporary permit while their official permits are being processed by the ATC. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Registration for the program costs $25. (Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ As of November 2013, RV cards are no longer mailed out and can instead be accessed on smartphones or tablets. (Source: ATC)

FAQs about Louisiana Responsible Vendor

What is Louisiana Responsible Vendor training?

Louisiana Responsible Vendor training is a program that teaches alcohol sellers and servers how to serve alcohol safely and responsibly. It is recognized and approved by the ATC and covers essential topics such as state laws, identifying fake IDs, and handling intoxicated customers.

Can I take the Louisiana Responsible Vendor training program online?

Yes, you can! The same great classroom training is available online with just a few clicks. The online program has been recognized and approved by the ATC, and when you register, you will receive access to the training program as well as a downloadable version of it.

What are ordinances, and why do I need to download them?

Ordinances are the local laws and regulations that govern the sale and service of alcohol in a particular area. By downloading and reviewing the specific ordinances for the area in which you will be working, you will ensure that you are knowledgeable about the local regulations and are in compliance with them.

What is a temporary permit?

A temporary permit is a printable document that you can access upon passing the quiz for a responsible vendor permit. It is valid until your official permit is processed by the ATC, and it allows you to legally serve alcohol until your official permit arrives.

How do I register for the Louisiana Responsible Vendor training program?

To register for the program, simply click on the registration link provided on the website. The fee for the program is $25.

How do I access my RV card?

After passing the Responsible Vendor Course, you can access your RV card on your smartphone or tablet. If you would like a physical copy, you can print it from the ATC website (7-10 business days after taking the course). For full details, please visit the ATC.LA.GOV website.