Sec. 4-3. – State permit also required.

No person shall do any act for which a permit is required by this chapter unless he holds the proper state and local permit. Each day’s business by a wholesaler or retailer without such a valid, unsuspended permit constitutes a separate violation of this chapter.

(Ord. No. 100, § 4, 6-11-1974)

Sec. 4-14. – Closing hours.

No retail dealer, nor his servant, agent or employee, shall sell, offer to sell, dispense or give away beverages of low or high alcoholic content within the municipal limits of the town on any legal holiday, or on any other day between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. on the following morning. Legal holidays are defined as follows:

(1)   Good Friday.

(2)   Fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day).

(3)   December 25 (Christmas Day).

(4)   All election days in LaSalle Parish.

(Ord. No. 100, § 16, 6-11-1974; Ord. of 12-7-1999)