ABSEC Training has become a term that represents the Louisiana ATC Responsible Vendor certification, either in serving alcohol or tobacco, or in the security of an establishment that serves alcohol or tobacco.  The training is conducted either in person or online and represents the finest available training in this arena.  Students learn the laws outlining the service of alcohol and tobacco, as well as how to identify intoxicated individuals, disturbances and how to handle these situations in a reasonable, efficient manner.  Many times, those staff members in the industry are faced with difficult situations involving highly intoxicated persons.  The staff must be able to handle these occurrences with professionalism, efficiency and safety, while complying with state and local laws.

A Louisiana bar card certification allows the service of alcohol and tobacco products and must be renewed every four years.  The Louisiana ATC is the governing body for this industry and regularly conducts inspections to determine compliance.  Those employed in the service of alcohol must present a valid identification and a valid and current certification.  If you are responsible for responding to disturbances, you must present both the Responsible Vendor certification as well as the security certification.  The standards and content of the training is updated frequently and controlled by the Louisiana ATC.

It is important that the establishment create and sustain a disturbance policy that addresses that approach and protocols that outline how to respond to and address any disturbance on premise.  Louisiana state laws also outline the responsibilities and rights of those involved in a disturbance.  Staff members should be well versed in these laws so as to make an informed decision as to how to resolve these volatile situations.  In Louisiana, you may prevent a violent attack on your person, or the person of another.  This self-defense law is often misunderstood and misinterpreted to mean that a citizen must first be attacked before being able to defend themselves.  The law allows you to prevent this assault before it happens.  Citizen’s arrests are also a factor when the crime is a felony.  The decision to effect a citizen’s arrest is influenced by several factors, including the presence of weapons and the possibility that others may be injured or adversely affected.

ABSEC has put together a team of professionals and subject matter experts to create and develop a comprehensive program of instruction in this arena.  Consulting services are also available to enhance the effectiveness of a response continuum, and reduce liability.

Contact ABSEC today to get started in enhancing your establishment’s disturbance policy and to uncover any gaps in compliance with the state’s laws governing the service of alcohol and tobacco.