Security Certification

Bouncer Security License – Required by Alcohol Tobacco Control (ATC) Louisiana

Pursuant to recent legislation, all alcohol beverage outlet security personnel as defined by Louisiana law must now attend a certification training course by an approved provider. This certification must be current and is valid for four years. The course will outline key concepts, rules and regulations, ideas and laws in the area of club security and any establishment that serves alcohol in Louisiana.

ABSEC is proud to offer this required training and certification throughout the State of Louisiana.  Take this course online immediately by clicking on SIGN UP below and get your bouncer security license today.

Remember that both the Security Certification course and the Responsible Vendor Server course are required for those personnel serving in a capacity where they may be called upon to respond to disturbances.   For more information about this law and related Louisiana statutes, please visit the Alcohol Tobacco Control at

Although commonly referred to as bouncer or nightclub security training and certification, this program can benefit any employee or owner of a bar, nightclub or other alcoholic beverage outlet (ABO) by preparing them to respond to disturbances in a controlled and “scripted” way.  A basic understanding of Louisiana laws and related criminal and civil liability laws will assist in making important decisions regarding what to do as well as what not to do in a given situation.